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What is Chiropractic?

ChiropracticChiropractic care is a non-invasive, manual approach to health care that allows you to move more efficiently, to promote overall health and wellness. The primary goal of Chiropractors is to restore and maintain the health of your spine, joints, muscles, and nerves and eliminate the causes of pain rather than just treat the symptoms.

Chiropractors are well-trained experts in musculoskeletal disorders and their effect on the nervous system and offer safe, highly effective, and extensively researched treatments for a wide variety of injuries and conditions. Their approach always includes thorough patient assessment, including history taking and physical examination, diagnosis, and appropriate treatment.

Treatment may vary for each individual and may or may not include:

Manual chiropractic adjustments (spinal manipulative therapy)
Instrument-assisted adjustments (by use of The Integrator as per Torque Release Therapy)
Joint mobilizations
Clinical acupuncture
Electrotherapy and/or ultrasound
Laser therapy
Soft tissue and trigger point therapy
Instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (see Graston Technique Therapy)
Custom orthotics and footwear
Compression hosiery
Lifestyle and nutritional counseling
Therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation

At Natura Wellness Clinic we also accept auto accident (MVA) claims.

What training do Chiropractors have?

Chiropractic is a regulated health profession recognized by statute in all Canadian provinces and American states as a discipline firmly grounded in science. Canadian chiropractors undergo an intensive four-year, full-time course of study following at least three years of university education before qualifying to undertake national examinations to become a licensed doctor in practice. This also includes a 12-month internship under the supervision of clinical faculty.

Is Chiropractic covered by OHIP?

After 30 years of funding chiropractic coverage, the provincial government of Ontario delisted chiropractic services from OHIP in 2004. Today, most extended health care plans cover chiropractic services and provide additional coverage for orthotics and footwear as well. Please check with your employer or insurance agent regarding the details of your coverage.

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