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Unsure which treatment will benefit your skin concerns the most? Book a Consultation Appointment and we will go over a thorough and personalized skin analysis to better understand your skin’s needs. We can often proceed with a treatment the same day, if you wish.
Bonus: This consultation fee can be put towards a product purchase or treatment of your choice. $100 (75min)

Customized to target your specific skin goals, improving common skin concerns, such as dull dehydrated skin, texture, aging, acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, eczema and more.
This facial includes enzymatic exfoliation designed to deliver essential antioxidants, customized cocktailed treatment mask, steam, facial massage as well as 3 specific add on’s to suite your skin’s need, such as Extractions, LED light therapy, High-frequency, Oxygen infusion, Gua sha, Cold roller massage, or Hydrojelly mask.
No two treatments are alike, as this is entirely tailored to your precise individual needs. $115.00 (75 mins)

This treatment uses a unique combination of beneficial antioxidants. Creating micro-circulation, instant tightening, firming, and detoxification while also encouraging oxygenation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification to help flush away toxins and free radicals by creating a plasmatic effect which improves oxygen uptake from inside the body. This helps not only with healing but leaves the skin with a healthy glow while stimulating elastin and collagen, making skin cells strong and resilient. $110.00 (75 mins)

The Detox Facial is for those who struggle with acne/oily skin or just can't seem to calm their breakouts/maskne. This treatment uses a detoxifying green tea/red tea mask to reduce toxins, impurities and inflammation along with any acne that may be present, while balancing oil production. This treatment includes extractions, high-frequency therapy as well as LED therapy to target the skin on a cellular level to calm the skin. $95.00 (60 mins)

Pure relaxation and bliss for a whole hour. This facial creates a safe space for one to pull away from everyday stressors, relieve tension and reduce stress while combining an effective treatment to achieve healthier skin. This treatment incorporates aromatherapy.
Included: Double cleanse, Exfoliate, Steam, Extractions, Hydrojelly mask, Peppermint scalp massage, Gua sha facial massage, décolleté, arm and hand massage, Serum, Moisturizer, and SPF $105 (60 mins)


Provides a deep exfoliation that gently exfoliates or polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells, while stimulating collagen growth, to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother. Great for uneven skin tone, mild acne, rough texture, dull skin, fine lines, acne scars, enlarged pores or hyperpigmentation. $95.00 (60 mins)

*No post-treatment flaking or peeling*
*Please Do Not Exfoliate 48 Hours Prior*
This gentle yet effective lactic peel boosts collagen production and will instantly leave you with fresh, hydrated, luminous skin.
Can help treat: Hyperpigmentation, Sun damage, Uneven skin tone, Acne & Acne Scarring, Fine lines & Wrinkles, Texture, Dry skin and Overall skin health. $100.00 (60 mins)

*Recommended age: 13-17 years*
This facial is targeted for teenagers who are experiencing hormonal and unavoidable breakouts or dealing with dull, tired skin. This treatment will include a double cleanse, steam & extractions, light chemical exfoliation, all followed by a Hydrojelly mask. $85.00 (60 mins)

Pregnancy brings elevated hormone levels and can cause a variety of skin changes, which can cause acne, hyperpigmentation and dull dry skin. All of these issues can be treated when using pregnancy safe ingredients without parabens, harsh chemicals or artificial fragrance. It’s time for you to feel relaxed and special with a facial that is specifically designed to add hydration, and nourish your skin.
What's included: Double cleanse, Exfoliate, Steam, Extractions, Customized treatment mask, Hydrojelly mask, LED Light Therapy, Massage (face & neck), Serum, Moisturizer, SPF + Lip Treatment. $110.00 (75 mins)

A soothing and relaxing treatment for your back to brighten, nourish and hydrate your skin. This treatment is ideal for all skin types especially those struggling with back acne, dryness or impurities. (Perfect before a special event where you will be showing your back in a plunging dress!) $85 (60 mins)

Add on treatments:

Gua Sha $15 (15 mins)
Encourages lymphatic drainage which increases the body's detoxification process, by drawing away toxins. This allows a slight lifting and toning affect, reduces puffiness, relieves tension and soothes inflammation. This is a traditional Chinese medicine stone that promotes over all wellbeing.

LED Light Therapy $20 (15 mins)
LED light therapy works by sending energy producing pockets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. This is safe, painless and effective as it covers a wide variety of skin concerns from anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation and more. (LED light therapy is strongly recommended for those with acne)

High Frequency Scalp Treatment $15 (10 mins)
Rejuvenates the condition of the beard and scalp while nourishing hair follicles for healthier hair growth while also inducing collagen production to prevent dry itchy scalp while minimizing dandruff.

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